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Extreme Weather


In this exclusive ebook by Orkin® entomologists, you’ll unlock information about the most damaging pest threats and how to help mitigate them before, during and after an extreme weather event.

Learn more about:

  • Forecasted pest pressures for each type of weather event
  • Weather and habitat conditions most conducive to pest infestations
  • Tips to help protect your property’s interior and exterior from pests
  • How Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can help prevent pest activity before it occurs

More About Extreme Weather and Pests:

From non-food manufacturing plants to healthcare facilities, no business is immune to nature’s interference. Add in an extreme weather event—like tornadoes, hurricanes, severe temperatures, droughts and floods—and your business could face serious financial risks.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), 63 “billion-dollar” weather and climate disaster events have occurred across the United States in just the last five years. From building damage to product loss, extreme weather can sweep up your revenue, leaving destruction—and pests—in its wake.

Whether it’s roof rats entering a warehouse after a flood or ants crawling through a food processing facility during a heat wave, any business can experience heightened pest threats following a weather-related event. So how can you help protect your facility from pest pressures following unpredictable weather?

Download this one-of-a-kind ebook to prepare your business to weather the swarm.

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