Exclusion Basics: Your First Line of Defense Against Pests


If you're not looking for it, you might not see it: the holes, gaps, breaks, tears and other hidden entries that allow pests into your facility. This is where exclusion tactics come in. "Exclusion" refers to services that include repairing, sealing off and shutting down these common pest entry points, and being proactive to help stop infestations before they begin. This comprehensive guide can help you:

  • Learn the key steps for successful pest exclusion tactics.
  • Read about how pests can easily enter small, overlooked spaces and discover practical, proven steps to fortify your facility against pests.
  • Decide which techniques might be right for you and learn when the pros can step in to help.
  • Consider the many benefits of exclusion, from fewer pest worries to enhanced energy efficiency.

More About Exclusion Basics: Your First Line of Defense Against Pests

"Exclusion services" might be an unfamiliar term to most, but it is a critical component of pest management.

All pests are looking for food, water and shelter, and will take the slightest entry to find them—literally. Every inch of your structure, from the foundation to the roof, must be sealed properly to discourage onsite pests, and exclusion involves products and strategies to accomplish that goal.

Fortunately, helping to keep pests out can start with a few simple assessments and techniques, which are helpful for businesses of every size and within any industry. The well-trained experts at Orkin have seen it all and know how vital exclusion tactics are to any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan. With this guide, you can become familiar with exclusion basics and learn how to make the right decisions for your facility to ensure pests don’t get a foothold.

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